Bertha Finishes and is Interviewed

Bertha has finally finished.

Melbourne to Sydney–The final leg

Leaving Melbourne, Bertha found more cycle lanes  – of a sort – narrow and blocked frequently by parked cars.

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Leaving Melbourne

She had 897 km from here to Sydney

Heading North out of Melbourne

It was good to be heading for the motorway north.

Cycling north on Sydney Rd. First mark on the final leg

Seymour 65 Seymour 50

Seymour 22 Seymour 5

Seymour! 103 km less. 785 km to Sydney.  End of the first day of the closing leg.


Day 2 started with a visit to the Seymour Visitor Centre

Seymour Old Courthouse

From there Bertha headed north.

Euroa 47 Euroa 9

Euroa Violet Town 17

Again, as often before, Bertha pedalled on into the night.

Benalla 27 Benalla 13

The following day, Bertha continued.

Wangaratta 41 Wangaratta 10

Wangaratta Welcome

An interview with the local radio station at Wangaratta.

Edge FM Interview

Delivering flyers to Wangaratta Visitor Information Centre

Wangaratta Visitor Centre

Heading North again.

Springhurst 17 Wodonga 50

Wodonga 21 Albury 6

At Albury, having left Victoria and entered New South Wales, Bertha visited The Border Mail


before continuing northwards

Gundagai 150

Gundagai 100 Tarcutta 43

Gundagai 41 Gundagai Bypassed

Yass 100 Yass 97

Bertha arrived at Goulburn in the dark

Goulburn exit

At Goulburn, Bertha obtained an interview at the local radio station

Interview at local radio station at Goulburn

And was able to see what time it was at the local Town Hall.

Goulburn Town Hall

Bertha also took in some of the history of Goulburn

Goulburn Historic church

and some of the more recent sights, associated with the wool industry.

Giant Merino at Goulburn

before leaving Goulburn in the dark

Marulan 21

and finding an excellent place to camp

Camping outside Goulburn

Again she continued, getting ever closer to completing her epic journey.

Berrima 40 Sydney 150

Berrima 12 Mittagong 15

Bargo 15 Picton 23

Campbelltown 24 

Still taking time to enjoy the journey

Enjoying the last few miles of this route

Welcome to Sydney

Bike lane on Motorway

Sydney 51 Sydney 31

Sydney 22 

Progress was excellent – until she arrived at the end of the bike lane and there were no directions to Sydney.

End of bike lane

Very late that night, Bertha arrived at Sydney Central YHA to find that there were no beds there. However, YHA had provided wonderfully  for her with a room for 3 nights at Sydney Harbour YHA.

The following morning, Bertha arrived back at her departure point at the Sydney Opera House, greeted by good friends

The finish

Navitas had arranged for Bertha to be interviewed by SBS News and this video went to air in the evening news on December 20. The text of the report can be found here. Unfortunately, the video is no longer available.

Bertha in Melbourne

While in Melbourne, Bertha stayed at the Melbourne Metro YHA.Melbourne YHA

And Bertha visited local radio, saw some local sights and visited other media. Bertha always leaves brochures about her effort and highlighting Mexican culture. She did have a phone interview on radio 3AW.

Radio 1116 AT Park in Melbourne

Melbourne skyline Herald and Weekly Times office

While in Melbourne, Bertha also visited the National Gallery of Victoria.

National Gallery of Victoria Tower at National Gallery of Victoria

Bertha took in some of the other sights of Melbourne – the Town Hall

Melbourne Town Hall

Melbourne’s famous trams

Melbourne Tram

and found someone to take her photo with her treasured Mexican flag.

Bertha in Melbourne with Mexican Flag

Adelaide to Melbourne

Leaving Adelaide, Bertha headed for Melbourne. Before leaving Adelaide, Bertha took note that the Jacaranda’s were in bloom. They are a beautiful tree while young, but they do damage the infrastructure when they get older – lifting footpaths, road surfaces, damaging pipes.

Time of the Jacaranda

The climb out of Adelaide was extremely steep and difficult for Bertha. Fortunately, she was encouraged by other cyclists as she rode but she didn’t stop to take a photo until she was on flatter ground. She wasn’t allowed on the motorway, but a cycle path was provided and here she has stopped where they travel together.

Murray Bridge 69

Her path went through Tailem Bend

Tailem Bend 17

Tailem Bend

And of course, Bertha doesn’t waste daylight by stopping too early. Another sunset photo with the sun setting over her bike.

Sunset over Bicycle

Sometimes, the thank you for visiting signs are more picturesque than the arrival signs.


Others have beautiful Welcome signs.


Some have very plain signs, along with their names being plain also.


It seems that on the WA – SA border, they have Border Village. On the South Australia – Victoria border, they have Bordertown. It seems that the bike didn’t want to stay standing here.


Bordertown was a small and picturesque town.

Bordertown Park

Bertha proceeded on towards Kaniva and Nhill (pronounced Nil).

Kaniva 42 

leaving South Australia

Leaving South Australia

and entering Victoria

Entering Victoria

Nhill 38  Horsham

She found an ENORMOUS Koala

Big Koala and proceeded to Ararat, named for Mount Ararat in the bible.

Arraarat 25 - 2  Arrarat 25

Welcome to Ararat


Ararat has a very beautiful Town Hall

Arrarat Town Hall And Bertha also visited the Ararat newspaper.

Arrarat NewspaperBertha continued on her way to Beaufort

Beaufort 42   Beaufort 10

before continuing on to Ballarat, a famous town from Australia’s gold rush.

Ballarat 43  Ballarat

before arriving at Geelong

Geelong City Intersection  The other side of the bridge is Melbourne

and crossing this bridge she arrived in Melbourne.

Crossing the bridge to MelbourneWelcome to Melbourne

In Melbourne Port

Bertha in Adelaide

Berth managed to find someone to take a photo of her before she left Port Adelaide.

Bertha in Port Adelaide

While in Adelaide, Bertha took all opportunities to try to obtain interviews and left brochures at a number of media locations.


ABC Adelaide          5aa Adelaide

Aelaide Advertiser  fresh927 Adelaide

3D Radio gave Bertha an interview

3D Radio Adelaide

And Bertha also had an , which was filmed here:

Channel 7 Interview Location

Port Augusta to Port Adelaide

Leaving Port Augusta, Bertha headed down the highway to Port Germein and then Port Pirie.

Port Germein 60 Port Germein 29

Port Germein 19 Port Germein 5

Port Germein Right

Port Pirie 24 Port Pirie 11

Port Pirie 5 Port Pirie

Port Pirie Radio

At Port Pirie, Bertha had an excellent interview on the local radio station.

Port Pirie Interview

Then Bertha continued her journey.

Crystal Brook 11 Crystal Brook 5

Finally, we see some variation in the Rest Stop signs.

Redhill 5

But now, Bertha diverts from the highway to Adelaide. Back to another deserted road.Wheatfields SA

Was she avoiding Snowtown? No, but she was heading for a much more picturesque trip through the Clare Valley. But first, she had to watch out for the Bunyips.


Clare 24 Clare Valley

Clare 3Cycleway in Clare

Entering Clare

Following the signs to Adelaide, Bertha continues on.

Road to Adelaide Leaving Clare

Still enjoying the beauty of Australia, Bertha sees wattle in full bloom.

Wattle in full bloom

And she also notices vineyards covering the hills.


And a Winery.

Winery Sign

So, she continues on her way, via Auburn.

Auburn 4 Auburn Restaurant

Rhynie is next along the way.

Rhynie 13 Entering Rhynie

Followed by Tarlee

Tarlee 5 Entering Tarlee

Then Bertha heads for Gawler and Adelaide.

Gawler 37 Roseworthy

Bertha likes anything that helps with cyclist safety, though she dislikes bike lanes that end suddenly.

Bike Lane Watch for Bikes

So, she REALLY liked a CYCLEWAY that allowed her to ride most of the last 50 km to Adelaide without venturing onto the highway.

Cycleway to Adelaide

Near Expressway - but safe

Adelaide 26 Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide Square

Port Adelaide Visitor Centre Port Adelaide Visitor Centre 2

Bertha at Port Adelaide Jetty

Semaphore Railway

Ceduna to Port Augusta

After leaving brochures at Ceduna Visitor Centre, Bertha continued to cycle towards Port Augusta.

Ceduna Visitor Centre

Centre of Town

Heading out along the Eyre Highway, Bertha’s first goal was Wirrula, 92 km from here.

Leaving Ceduna

Sign pointing both ways, back to Ceduna, forward to Wirrulla (note different spelling).Heading for Port Augusta

With 60 km to go to Wirrulla, it looks as though the road surface is way worse than we see elsewhere. The second-hand mountain bike tyre from before Esperance helped a lot in these conditions.

Wirrulla 60

Bertha has noticed extraordinary areas of different grain under cultivation and here she has taken a photo of a Focus Paddock, probably a research planting.

Focus Paddock wheatfield

Wirrulla now 53 km away. A wide, flat plain.

Wirrulla 53

Wirrulla 23 km. It’s difficult for an Australian to comprehend what drives her on.

Wirrulla 23Wirrulla 13

Wirrulla 5 and it doesn’t hurt to remind every driver of the value of “Stop, Revive – Survive”, as Bertha has noticed coming into every town out here.

Wirrulla 5Wirrulla 3


Leaving Wirrulla, Bertha has to make a left turn to head for Port Augusta via Poochera.Next destination Poochera Poochera 45

Poochera 42 Poochera 17

Poochera 5 Leaving Poochera

I think we might have blinked and missed it.

Next goal is Minnipa.

Minnipa 33 Minnipa 29

Granite Country

Minnipa 19 Minnipa 5

Minnipa Welcome

Next stop Wudinna.

Wudinna 36 Wudinna 7


Wudinna 7 b

Wudinna 5 Wudinna Welcome

So now Bertha proceeds to Kyancutta.

Kyancutta 11 Kyancutta 5

To continue, Bertha must turn left for Port Augusta and Adelaide. Then head for Kimba.

Turn Left for Port Augusta Kimba 89

And finally, Bertha manages to find someone to take her photo.

Bertha en route to Kimba

Kimba 79 Kimba 19

Kimba 5 Kimba Welcome

Kimba Kimba Post Office

Welcome to Kimba again

Leaving Kimba Iron Knob 86

Iron Knob 47 Iron Knob 22

Iron Knob 5 

Mine waste heaps near Iron Knob

Mine Waste Heap

Port Augusta 66 Port Augusta 49

Port Augusta Left Port Augusta 26

Port Augusta 19 Port Augusta 9

Port Augusta 5 

Port Augusta and Wadlata Outback Centre

Turn left to Alice Springs? Not on this trip.

Left for Alice Springs

Entering Port Augusta

Port Augusta Bridge

And we’ll finish this stage of the trip with another photo of Bertha.

Bertha en route to Kimba


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